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a man of confidence (drabble)

title: a man of confidence
author: flameandignite aka moi!
characters: jack sparrow, anamaria (obvious jack/anamaria)
summary: visiting tortuga after five years of travel, jack gets some unexpected unspoken news.
wordcount: 270
rating: pg
disclaimer: i don't own pirates and if i did, the films would have either stopped after cotbp or just centered itself altogether on jack sparrow and jack sparrow along, with a nice finishing touch of anamaria by his side :-)
author's notes: this is written for blackpearlsails drabble challenge. i am taking advantage of these drabbles to brush up on my jack/anamaria. i have loved this pairing since the first film, read fan fiction immediately after watching the film, and well, now, i'm attempting to write it on my own.
link: finding himself completely stuck in the middle...
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