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Oh Wow!

Oh wow!

I didn't think people would jump at the chance to join this group! But they have!

Great! ^_^

And now, for a more formal introduction of myself and a bit about the group, though it would seem that most already know what we're all about around here. ^_^

My name is Charli, and I am the moderator of this lovely little community, which, as we all know, is geared to that splendiferous Pirate pairing, Jack and Anamaria. ^_^ I'm very excited to see that many of you have already begun posting fanfics; yay! But keep in mind that this community is also used for discussion and fanart, and ANYTHING that has to do with Jack and Anamaria! Hold nothing back! Well, in most cases, hold nothing back ^^.

Again, I'm glad to see that people have joined. ^_^ I myself will be putting up a fanfic as soon as I start it. See you all later!

Also, if you need anything, or just want to hang out and talk, IM me on AIM at "WilyJackSparrow". You can't miss me; I'm almost ALWAYS online. ^_^

See you later!

- Charli
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