a pirate's life (flameandignite) wrote in jackandanamaria,
a pirate's life

The Resurrection of the Goddess Wuhu // Chapter 3

Title: The Resurrection of the Goddess Wuhu
Summary: Jack learns the true reason why Anamaria left the Black Pearl with no notice and no boat.
Chapter: Three: The Tale of the Pirate King and the Haitian Princess
Author: flameandignite
Rating: R (little smut scene)
Characters: Jack Sparrow, Anamaria, Joshamee Gibbs, Hector Barbossa, Samdi Towhee
Pairing: Jack/Anamaria
Disclaimer: I do not own the pirates but I do own Samdi, my tribe of cannibals, and my overzealous imagination. Long live Jack Sparrow.
Author's Note: So, this is was a follow-up to my drabble in which Jack finds himself as a papa. I've taken the idea and ran a muck with it and managed to get lost along the way. We all know that Jack would hit the dust the moment he found out so I'm challenging myself and trying to make this realistic. Concrit please! This is my first multi-chapter fic.
Link: and they lived happily ever after
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